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I am Product Review and Giveaway Friendly!

Advertising on The Amateur Southern Gourment page is a great way to gain more customers. We get an average of 1,000 plus hits a month and are constantly growing. There are several ways to advertise your company/products:

1. Product Review and Giveaway

My readers LOVE giveaways! And it's a great way to generate traffic to your site! Most of my readers are also parents, but they ALL love entering my giveaways!

Send me a full-sized product to review (will not be returned) and/or offer a prize for readers - it's up to you as to what you would like to send. Readers are encouraged to visit your site and subscribe to your email list, twitter, Facebook, etc. Either you can ship the prize with the item to review and I can ship it to the winner or you have the option of shipping it yourself. It's up to you how many items you would like to give away! Most of my contests last 7 to 14 days, but if you would like it to be longer or shorter, I would be happy to do that! Winners are chosen at random via for fairness. I keep a list of entries and a list of winners that I can email to you!

Just a few things I would love to review!

-Any other boy or girl baby/child items - gear, diaper bag, clothing, accessories, toys
-Organic items
-Photography items

Just to name a few! let me know what you have - I'm sure I would love to review it!

Please contact me for more information

3. PRESS RELEASES with any questions you may have, or if you would like to rent ad space or host a giveaway!
Please contact me for press release fee schedule.

Please contact me at:

* I am not compensated for any review I post. (unless stated!).

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